NFHS Test Part II for 2017

The NFHS Test that members will be taking at the Dinner Meeting is available for download now from our website.  Please download and print your own copy, we will not be bringing extra copies to the meeting.  You are certainly free to start doing the test at home immediately so that you are prepared to come to the meeting and ask clarifying questions.  Click on the link below in order to download your copy.

2017 Baseball Part II Exam

2017 NFHS Clinics

The following list is the list of Federation Rules Clinics that will be conducted by the various Boards this season.  Where there is a Sponsor indicated, that event is intended for the coaches of that conference and should not be attended by an umpire unless you have no other choices.

Please remember that you are ineligible to umpire any level of academic baseball unless you can prove that you attended one of these clinics.  Please ask the local Board Secretary to contact us and to verify your attendance.

2017 NFHS Clinics

DateDayTimeLocationUmpire BoardSponsor
March 8Wednesday6:30 pmFairfield Ludlowe High SchoolFairfieldFCIAC
7:00 pmLP Wilson Community Center, WindsorHartford
March 9Thursday4:00 pmWest Haven High School gymNew HavenSCC Coaches
6:00 pmLitchfield High School CafeteriaTorringtonBerkshire League
March 12Sunday10:00 amHoly Cross High School, WaterburyCentral
6:00 pmAlbertus Magnus Student CenterNew Haven
March 13Monday7:00 pmKennedy High School, WaterburyCentralNVL Coaches
March 14Tuesday6:00 pmLedyard High School libraryEastern
6:30 pmDanbury High School CafeteriaWestern
March 16Thursday7:30 pmMasuk High SchoolFairfieldSWC Coaches
March 20Monday7:00 pmWestfield Fire House, MiddletownMiddletown Board
March 21Tuesday7:00 pmOld Lyme High SchoolNew HavenShoreline Conference Coaches

2017 Pre-Season 2 Man Refresher Clinic

On March 25 Member Rep Leonard Petitte, with a team of veteran umpires, will be hosting a 2 Man Refresher Clinic . This will be a one day on the field clinic with the opportunity to work in game situations. The clinic will cover  proper mechanics and positioning as well as discussions on game management and coach conduct. A GNHBUA clinic T-shirt to wear the day of the clinic is available for $15 with a portion of the profits being used for an after clinic gathering.

While registrations will be accepted until the week of the clinic, to receive a t-shirt you must register by March 1.

What: Pre-Season Two Man Refresher Clinic

When: March 25, 2017 (Rain Date: April 1)

Where: TBD (a follow up email will be sent to all registrants)

Tentative Staff: Lenny Petitte , Dan DelPiano, TJ Dugay, Jay Midolo, D.J. Nadeau, Gerard O’Connor, & Craig Funaro.

Questions can be directed to Lenny Petitte by email at

Your Information
T-Shirt Information

A “Blue” Helping to recognize the “Men in Blue”

A retired law enforcement officer in Branford is doing his part to show police they are supported, and he’s getting his whole town involved.

Stan Konesky Jr. is a former police lieutenant, whose career includes 29 years with the Branford Police Department and 13 years teaching at the state police academy. He said the deaths of officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge inspired him to do something to show his gratitude for police.

“You call 911, they come. They help you. They put their life on the line for you,” said Konesky. “If you watch Dallas, as the people were running from the shooters, where did you see the cops go? They went there.”

He came up with the idea of a simple blue ribbon, which individuals and businesses could display publicly.

“People would see it on a house or on a mailbox or on a storefront,” Konesky said. “When the police officer would go by, he’d see the blue ribbon and I hope it makes him or her feel good that someone’s supporting them and is appreciative of their job and what they’re doing.”

Konesky started with his own small personal address book, but the idea spread quickly. Since Wednesday, he has handed out 105 ribbons, and has another 100 requests.

The local garden club is even planning to put a blue ribbon in all 32 flower baskets hanging from the town’s streetlights surrounding the green. Almost all of the businesses along Main Street, including the Branford Book and Card Shoppe, are displaying ribbons already.

“I think it’s great. I think we should all stand behind them and pray and hope for safety,” said Sal Esposito, Owner of the Branford Book and Card Shoppe.

“At first I thought maybe 50, and then I said, ‘No, 200 or 300.’ Now I’m awfully greedy and I want all of Branford blue,” Konesky said.

He says that residents of several other Connecticut towns have contacted him about starting their own blue ribbon campaigns. If you’d like to get involved, you can e-mail Stan Konesky Jr. at

Kathy Morrison Returns From Baseball For All

Kathy flies back today from San Francisco where she spent a week working the Baseball For All Nationals.
Kathy Morrison along with Perry Barber and other crew members from the Baseball For All Nationals in San Francisco.
Kathy Morrison along with Perry Barber and other crew members from the Baseball For All Nationals in San Francisco.
Baseball For All is an organization for girls’ baseball beyond the Little League years and has been featured in Sports Illustrated and a variety of other media. The tournament had organized teams and a couple of teams of “free agents,” girls who didn’t come with teams but wanted to play so they formed a team at the tournament. One of those singles was a girl from Fairfield who plays at Notre Dame-Fairfield. When she found out there was a Connecticut umpire and further what board Kathy represented, supposedly the comment was something like, “Thank God we got a good ump from New Haven.”
Kathy was given the plate for the Bronze Medal game and she had the bases in the Gold Medal game. The Tournament Director and Umpire-in-Chief, Perry Barber, took the plate for the championship game. Barber has worked minor league ball, MLB spring training, and D-1; I think Kathy said she went to umpiring school with Funaro.
The goal of the organization is not such much to develop the first female MLB players, which would be OK, but to expose girls to umpiring. So Ed Montague was brought in to do an umpiring clinic for the players. The tournament also promotes sending girls to umpiring school.
In addition to seeing a few of the sights, the tournament also took in an Oakland A’s game and a SF Giants game.

NFHS Implements Pitch Count Rule for Baseball

By Maddie Koss on July 12, 2016 nfhs news

High school baseball rules now will require a pitching restriction policy based on the number of pitches thrown in a game.

The revised pitching policy in Rule 6-2-6 was one of six rules changes approved by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Baseball Rules Committee at its June 5-7 meeting in Indianapolis. The rules changes were subsequently approved by the NFHS Board of Directors.

Each NFHS member state association will be required to develop its own pitching restriction policy based on the number of pitches thrown during a game to afford pitchers a required rest period between pitching appearances.

“We’re pleased that the rules committee worked in conjunction with the NFHS Sports Medicine Advisory Committee to find an acceptable and reasonable modification to this rule in order to emphasis the risk that occurs when pitchers overuse their throwing arm,” said Elliot Hopkins, NFHS director of sports and student services and staff liaison for baseball.

The Baseball Rules Committee also revised Rule 2-32-2 regarding sliding into home plate. The revised language states: “At home plate, it is permissible for the slider’s momentum to carry him through the plate in the baseline extended.” The committee altered this rule since the physical design of home plate makes it difficult for a runner to break momentum on a slide – as opposed to the other three elevated bases which are elevated.

The committee also revised Rule 3-3-1, which states the umpire has the ability to give three warnings to a coach or player before he or she is removed from the game.

“Officials now have the opportunity to provide a tiered warning system for coaches or players,” Hopkins said. “It provides the coaches or players with a teachable moment to change their unsportsmanlike behavior in order to stay in the game.”

A new article 6 was added to Rule 8-3 to provide a rules reference for an existing ruling in the Baseball Case Book. The new article reads: “When a plate umpire hinders, impedes or prevents a catcher’s throw attempting to prevent a stolen base or retire a runner on a pickoff play, if an out is not made at the end of the catcher’s initial throw, the ball shall be dead and all runners shall return to the bases occupied at the time of the interference.”

The rules committee also approved an addition to Rule 8-4-2, which states that any runner is out when he is physically assisted by a coach. This rule change supports a revision in Rule 3-2-2 Penalty, which states that the runner shall be called out immediately when he is physically assisted by a coach.

A complete listing of the baseball rules changes will be available on the NFHS website at Click on “Activities & Sports” at the top of the home page, and select “Baseball.”


NFHS Umpire Insurance | Forewarned is Forearmed

Many of you know that I took a foul ball to the mask on May 11 resulting in a concussion.  Since then, I have had multiple doctor visits and an MRI and the EOBs are starting to arrive along with the bills from the service providers for the unpaid balances.

Last night, I remembered that we have a secondary insurance policy because of our membership in NFHS.  This morning, I set to investigating the value of that policy and the claims process.  The policy is not a bad one.  It has limits and it has deductibles, but at the end of the day, it will reduce your exposure.  By the way, if you don’t have primary insurance, it will start covering immediately.

The fly in the ointment is in the claims process.  You must initiate a new claim within 30 days of the incident, a deadline that I failed to meet.  So, in order to avoid you doing the work that I did this morning in finding the resource on NFHS and getting the information, I have added a new tab to the menu at the top of the GNHBUA website for Insurance Claims.  Under that tab, you’ll find a summary explanation of what is paid as well as a claim form.  While I sincerely hope that you never need it; if you do need it, I want you to have it available to you.

American Legion’s Position on Arguing Balls and Strikes

Craig Zimmerman asked me to send out a quick reminder to each Board related to coaches arguing/questioning balls and strikes.

CT American Legion – Sportsmanship & Conduct Rule 7 states, “Please note that no coach is allowed to argue balls and strikes. The penalty would be restriction or ejection to the dugout at the sole discretion of the umpires.”

Continually making comments about balls and strikes or frequently asking the catcher where that pitch was is not acceptable and should be stopped.


Handling Player Fights

During a recent game, an incident of malicious contact at the plate brought a heated reaction from the catcher and resulted in the two players fighting.  While it is rare, it can occasionally happen between youth as well as adults.  Hot days, crazy game schedules, and too much testosterone combine to create potentially volatile situations.

If it happens on your field, please remember that you have only a couple of responsibilities:

  1. tell the coaches to deal with it;
  2. step back and take names/numbers for ejections to follow the incident.

Under no circumstances should an umpire attempt to separate players who are fighting.  The immediate risk of injury as a result of the primary fight, the retaliation of an angry parent, and the potential for arrest or litigation are extremely high.

Many of us have taken to carrying our cell phones in our pants pockets.  As long as they are never used as a phone during the game, existing only in case of emergency, this is a smart practice.  In a bench-clearing brawl, you may want to dial 911 and let the police sort it out.

Finally, all ejections and all incidents of this nature must be reported in the same day via the form on the website.  The Executive Board learned about this incident from a Member Rep at a meeting several days after the incident — that’s not acceptable.

In a closing note, if an umpire is ever assaulted at a game facility (field or parking lot), we strongly urge that you call the police and express your desire to prefer charges.  With two umpires present, there should be two corroborating statements to assist with the investigation by the police and by our Board.