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GNH Meeting Minutes 7/2/2022

uly 2022 Eboard Meeting 7/2/2022

I. Call to Order President, Frank Pallone calls to order

II. Roll Call Pallone, Nadeau, Pompano, Cerasale, Mann, Klein, Schultz, Petitte, Riccio (guest), Dugay (guest)

III. Motion to approve minutes. Approved/seconded

IV. Reports Treasurers Report - Cerasale - review balance sheet. Dues, patches all paid out, donation from CT High All Star association, 50/50 cash, banquet guest money coming in, couple pizzas for new recruit orientation. Net gain continues and trending well. Future budget plan review looks good and adjusted better than projections. Kind thank you letter (kinds words of umpire brotherhood and great training) from Howard Diamond and generous donation. Wish him speedy health recovery and return to the diamond. Review of dues owed, a couple of LOAs, MIAs, need to send updates to Arnie for master list updates. Will be at/around 137 members plus new recruits should add a few more to that total.

Rules Interpreter (DJ) report - reiterate the importance of CUT (Culture of Umpire Training) umpire training coming up (August 28 at Seaside). Discussion of new NFHS jewelry allowance rule. Possible objection at the CIAC level. Discussions are continuing and official ruling will come out well in time before scholastic.

Commissioner - Arnie Mann - one final sports plex tournament this week and then a break before September 11. Some war at the shore spill over coverage. A couple other need-based coverage and we were able to cover (so good relations going forward) and positive feedback on our umpires (even in extreme heat).

Frank to all members - all members are encouraged to reach out to their member reps. Any/all inquiries make it to the E-Board table for discussion.

Discussion of sub-varsity assigning fees. No changes.

New cadet training has begun at Sportsplex; being led by James Carrano and Corey House. About 10 cadets at this point.

Discussion regarding membership meeting attendance. Attendance will go back to regular post-covid rules and will be tracked in 2023. All members must attend according to GNH constitution.

Banquet - TJ - Attendance good, so far 123 attending (80 umpires / 44 guests). Could top 150. All well under control. Great job TJ. VII. Adjournment

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